Dance Mats

This week I had another job for Livewire, a PR company I work regularly for. This event involved the launch of dance mats at a school in Tamworth. The schoolchildren were very patient and seemed to really enjoy the shoot. They were also happy to ignore the camera which meant I was able to get some nice natural shots.

When I first heard that the venue for the job was a sports hall, I was quite concerned about the tall room, high ceilings, and horrible orange or blue lighting. Fortunately, it was a state-of-the-art sports college so the light was much better than I expected, thankfully, and it was a fun job.

Comments from the client: '...the photographer did a great job with the youngsters on the dance mats this morning... they really got into the swing of things on the mats and didn't mind at all that a camera was clicking throughout (this was probably down to Will working with both the staff and the students and being professional enough to float around pretty much unseen!!!!).'