Royal Maundy 2017

The week of Royal Maundy is finally upon us and it's very exciting. I'm in and out of Leicester Cathedral all week and the atmosphere is really building, preparing for the big day. It's great to be working with all my colleagues at the cathedral, many of whom I worked with for The Reinterment of King Richard III three years ago.

Will Johnston Maundy Service

Everything is in place now and I'm really looking forward to the event. The exhibition of my images which will be in the cathedral for a few weeks from Easter Monday is now being advertised and the book that is being launched on Easter Monday is being put together. So a lot happeneing, and still loads to do, but we're getting there! Please visit My Sales Website to see all the images from the week plus keep up to date with all the behind the scenes and latest images at my Twitter Page.

Will Johnston Maundy Service2