Busy weekend...

I had a crazy busy weekend this week with two big jobs. Saturday was a wedding in Banbury, where the weather was horrendous! Wind and rain were far from ideal, yet fortunately there were two twenty minute slots where the weather calmed, so we had to make the most of those! It was a lovely gig with a nice atmosphere, smiling children and many picture opportunities.

Comments from the client: 'They are brilliant'

Then on Sunday I worked a twelve hour day with Water Babies at Aylesbury. It was an official underwater shoot and we trialled a new initiative of surface shots. This simply involved photographing parent and child playing in the water. Ninety-eight children were snapped and thanks to the lovely venue and bright light, I'm really pleased with the results. If the trial is successful and parents like the pictures, the project could really develop over the next few months and years.

Comments from Water Babies founder Paul Thompson: 'I like them, particularly as this is our first go at this. They don’t look too staged and so have an artistic quality which is how we would need to progress these types of images I feel.'